Scam Alert!!!!

good grief!

scam alert 3 phone

Okay, Wednesday started off good. I was in a good mood as I started my day thinking about what I was going to do first….and then the phone rang. Oh my lands!

I picked up the receiver and noticed on my caller ID that it was a DC number. A Spanish guy was on the other end of the line and he started telling me some stuff that was blowing my mind. Actually, he was upsetting me big time because I didn’t know what he was talking about. The thing that upset me is the fact that he asked for me by name. I thought it was someone needing some freelance writing work done. I was so wrong! This guy, accused me of fraud and IRS Tax evasion. Immediately I told him this was a bogus call and I hung up on him. That sucker called right back and said that I would be arrested within the next 72 hours because of some international dealings that I supposedly did while traveling over seas that involved credit card use. To be honest with you, I have never traveled over seas. I am scared to fly anywhere.

I was getting so upset, because this low down dirty dog kept right on talking non stop, saying they had sent me letters that came back to them unopened or undeliverable. I never received any kind of mail stating that I was in trouble with the government. But he said I was in deep trouble with the CID. What the hell is that? I was told that the CID is tracking my travels, my online shopping and my credit card use. According to them, I have been under investigation for quite some time.

I could not believe what I was hearing. My blood pressure shot up. What, someone investigating me and I am about to be arrested? I was in my panic mode. Even though I know I have nothing to worry about. I am not a tax evader, or a fraudulent person, nor do I travel over seas to do under minded work. I am a law abiding citizen and the only thing I have in my possession is a debit card, not a full fledged credit card.

I knew something was wrong with this conversation, but hey with all the things that is taking place in this world, it still scared me to think that someone might try to come and carry me off somewhere under the guise of being arrested. We are living in such a terrible time; weirdos are out there and I don’t want anyone knocking on my door with handcuffs and a badge of some kind, telling me that I will be under arrest. Jail Cells terrify me.
Now mind you, our phone conversation never got to the part of me sending him money. It was just about me being arrested for doing illegal stuff. After hanging up on him 3 times and he called back, on the fourth try, I noticed that his number did not show up on my caller ID anymore.

I am telling you, every time I hung up on this scum bag, he called right back, like it was a serious and important phone call notification. All I could think of is what if someone was really going to try and come and arrest me and take me off to who knows where. So what did I do?…..Lord Help Me!

I called the police to alert them, and that’s when I was told that this was a scam and not to worry about it. They warned me not to give this person any money on the green dot card. I don’t have a green dot card anyway and don’t want one. The police said there wasn’t anything they could do, even though I had the number of the guy calling me. I was told to just hang up when he calls or don’t answer the phone when I see his number. How come these scum bags can’t be arrested? They are doing illegal business, or are scams legal now? I think of all the people they try and do this too, how many victims were scared like me and sent them money to keep from being arrested, even though the charges didn’t make sense? Are these people preying on senior citizens? What a shame, what a shame! One thing I learned through this scamming episode, I think I will not be shopping on line as much as I did before, because my nerves can’t take crap like this. I am now wondering, are scam artist really watching who is spending their money online? That is spooky!

Well, my nerves have calmed down now. But every now and then, I get up and look out my door just in case someone is coming up the walk to try and arrest me. Trust me when I say, I will not be leaving calmly, more like screaming, kicking and going bonkers. The more I think about it, they’d have to get the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guards and any other troops to come and get me when it comes to being locked up for anything.

Anyway, be careful when you are online and be mindful of all the scam artist who try to empty your pockets and bank accounts. These bums are up to no good and they are getting desperate for easy money. Don’t be one of their victims!

Scam Alert

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