What Do You Think?


Can you believe it? March is just around the corner. I must say, saying good bye to February will not be hard to do. Even though this is the shortest month, it sure has been the coldest and snowiest to me. It has even been the slowest in my mindset. What do you think?

I got up this morning and over my cup of coffee, I worked on chapter 2 of my manuscript. It seems, my favorite place to work is not at my desk, in the living room or in my little den nook. When I get down to editing and rewriting, I find myself in the kitchen, sitting at my table. Maybe I do that to be closer to the coffee pot…say what? What do you think? Anyway, I do get things accomplished in the kitchen, which goes to show that a lot more action takes place in my kitchen than preparing meals. Masterpieces are created there in the form of books. I thought I’d better throw that in there to make myself clear. After all, this is not an X-rated blog. Where is your favorite place to write and edit?

Since this is the end of February, I thought I’d end it by writing in my blog today. Showing my presence because I’ve been absent a few days….my excuse, I had to think of something to write about. It’s the end of February, the weekend is here and the sun is shining. Who could ask for anything more? Plus, I am still in jammies. I’d say this is a perfect day. I have no complaints, what do you think?

Well, my little break is over, time to get back to business, the business of typing. Boy I am so glad I no longer use a typewriter. Hey, do you even remember what that is? Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? My son tried to hook me up with this application that types for me, all I have to do is speak into the mic and the program types what I say. It almost drove me nuts. I didn’t like it one bit. I don’t have the patience to learn how to do it. Besides, I don’t mind typing myself. Did I say I am a tad bit old fashion? Yeah I am….it even took me awhile to love this computer. But now as I look back, I am wondering and asking myself how did I ever do without it? How could I not want a computer? Yeah, I was quite silly back then.

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