What Am I Doing on this Gorgeous Day?


My goodness, the sun is shining and it actually feels good outside in the month of February. It is hard to believe. I should be out and about catching all the sun rays and feeling this decent air. But, that’s not happening. Hey, I am still in jammies, so I know I am not going out. But, I have been busy. You know what? Writers stay busy! It wasn’t my intentions, I was going to wait until Monday to get started on the 2nd draft of my new book. However, there I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning with my red marker and my manuscript; well the first 12 pages anyway and I let the editing begin. I was going for it, line by line and word for word. Now I have red marks all over the pages where changes have been made, but all for the good. It’s going to read a lot better because the flow is in there.

I am taking a break right now, because I am going to take my time and get it right. Plus, I have other pending things to do that’s on my agenda for today. You see, I am a busy lady and I am going to get everything done that I intended to do today. I just happened to add that editing in there at the last moment. As a matter of fact, it just happened; popped up out of nowhere while having my morning coffee. So, I detoured a little bit. Now I am about to get on track so that when Monday comes around, my manuscript, or at least 20 pages will have my full attention as I continue the editing process. But to be honest with you, and here’s my little secret…I’d rather be working on my manuscript because there is peace and quiet in my home right now, no distractions or interruptions. Hopefully, I will have the same come Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, considering it is now after 3 in the afternoon; I should really get dressed and clean up this mess that somebody made. I can’t concentrate in a disorderly house. It works my nerves. So with that being said, I’m going to stop fooling around and get down to “house business.” Somebody has to do it, because this is the maid’s day off.


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