A Little Blurb Talk

Book Blurb 3

Okay, I was sitting at my kitchen table with my morning cup of coffee and guess what I was thinking about, the back of my book. I don’t even have a cover yet and this is what was on my mind. So there I sat trying to work it out for when that day comes.

You would think that since I have already created 108 pages of content, that I would be able to write something for the back of the book in a snap. Wrong! It’s like writing another chapter without an outline, or shoveling snow with a pitch fork. So I am thinking about this long and hard and trying to work it all out. After all, it’s the back cover that will cause readers to be interested in the book before they buy. This little catchy write-up is the hook to bring readers into the pages of the book.

Now I said “book,” but guess what…my story is still in manuscript form. It hasn’t made it to the presses…yet. And most likely, before it gets there, it will go through another round of editing. So why am I worried about the blurb at this early stage?
I am like Ella Rose Abbot, staying one step ahead and making early preparations. After all, it’s something that will have to be done eventually and when it gets to that point, I am going to be ready for it. I’m going to give you the hook, line and sinker of my new and exciting book because Ella Rose is a superb, memorable, remarkable and a courageous character. And I love exposing her trials and triumphs, her highs and her lows as she deals with life’s surprises.

Book Blurb 2

When was the last time you did a “blurb?”


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