Just A Little Me Chat

Image Wow, here it is Wednesday, in the middle of the week. I start my day with my coffee and sitting down planning my day. I decided not to write, instead I was just going to jump right in and do housework, cleaning and washing clothes, dusting…that kind of stuff; because I knew if I sat down to work on my manuscript, nothing was going to get done, especially since I am working on the last chapter. So, I decided to let that work simmer for a day or two. When I worked on that project yesterday, I tell you, I was so wore out from plotting, thinking and writing I just needed to chill out because my entire body felt wiped out.

Anyway, I was late checking my email for today and when I finally made it through all of them, two particular ones stood out in my mind and made me a happy writer/author today. Talk about somebody being on cloud 9 (and that would be me), the email just made my day. Here I am not in my writing mode, but doing something else and I receive an author award from the best publisher on earth, New Line Press. I am thrilled beyond words. When things happen like this, it makes you proud to be an author and doing what you love to do best and that is write!  This award keeps me inspired to keep on doing what I am doing. However, the way I feel about writing and creating memorable books for the young to read, I’d continue my craft even if no one recognized me ever, because this is what I am meant to do. I love being a storyteller and I love the idea of leaving my mark on the world. With one book at a time, I believe I am doing just that….fulfilling my dreams and accomplishing my goals and being grateful to the persons helping me get there. People who believe in me and love what I do.

With the reward that I received today, I am grateful to New Line Press and Catherine Burr. I’ve learned a lot being a part of this team and I am still learning and experiencing from the best. I couldn’t have done it without you. So I thank you for taking me under your wings and helping me to fly with my craft.  Today, I salute You!





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