COLD Weather: Bah Humbug!

cold weather
I have to tell you, I am not feeling this weather. Although we seem to be doing better than some folks who have hit below zero temps. DC is still freaking colder than cold.
It is too cold to be out and about, so here I am blogging for a little bit. Earlier today, I was working on my manuscript, going over 6 chapters of context. The new book is coming along quite well. Just two more chapters to write up and then it will be a wrap before the final editing and then off to the publisher it will go. Oh yeah, they already want it. It’s been accepted. So even though wintertime gives me the blahs, a spark ignites and I heat up when I get my writing on.
So hang in there folks, if you are like me and waiting for spring. I think it will come one day.
Here is a question for you. I saw a bunch of black birds in the yard today, along with a couple of pretty blue jays getting their meal from off the ground. I guess you could say they were having a picnic. But what I was wondering, are blue jays suppose to be around this time a year? I believe these birds forgot to fly south when they were suppose to. Either that, or the blue jays just loves DC city life. Maybe I should Google that, just in case I don’t get any responses.


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