Squirrely Business

squirrely business
I am laughing my head off with this one! Today was just a half day of school for DC kids. My soon to be 17 year old granddaughter decides to come for a little visit before going home. Well, she calls me on her cell phone, telling me she is in front of the house, but trouble is looming. She was in a panic because several squirrels were playing in the yard and running up and down the Oak tree in front of our house. She was scared to death. I was laughing as I watched her on the sidewalk; every time a squirrel would run in her direction or in her path, she’d back up one or two steps. They had her up a tree (sorta speaking). She didn’t know what to do. But grandma to the rescue. I told her to cut through the alley and come through the backyard to get in the house. I was so glad there were no squirrels in the backyard as well, if there were, I think I would have had to put my boots on and go outside to rescue her. So who’s afraid of some bushy tail squirrels…..Daija. I just love that girl. She makes me laugh and now I am writing about it. I told her I would! Okay, stop laughing already.


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