My Author Interview
Don’t be afraid to click on the above link, it won’t bite ya!

I said I wasn’t going to blog today, but guess what, I lied. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself when there is stuff to talk about. This here is a biggie, meaning it couldn’t wait until tomorrow; after all, I did it yesterday. How could I keep quiet so long?????

This interview was done by my author friend and it turned out really great. See how we do, authors helping each other. So I appreciate what she took the time to do…all on her own.

I’ve been writing pretty much of the day today and now I am worn out. My brain was on overload all day as I wrote page after page of content for my new book. But, the good thing is, I got it done. I accomplished my writing for the day. Now all I have to do is finish the book. Still have a few more chapters to write. But you know the saying….Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Okay, this is it. Enjoy reading the interview and turning the pages of my author friend’s website. You will be impressed.


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