Recognizing Author Dragica Lord

author 2

Oh the joys of being an author. I have to say, you meet a lot of nice people in this circle. You can be on different sides of the world and become so close, it’s almost like being neighbors, especially when you chit chat on Facebook almost daily.

I tell you, you never know who you will meet along the way in this lifetime and some of the people who do come your way make a lasting impression on you. So it is a good idea to treat everyone you meet… good, because you never know the impact they may have on you and/or your career one day. However, when it comes to meeting new people you never ever try to gain friendships just so that you can benefit and shine. It’s a two way street. And you certainly do not use and abuse or step on somebody in the name of friendship just so that you can look good. People know when you are acting and being fake. So be for real!

Okay, I got off track a little bit. This post is suppose to be about my author friend whom I never met face to face, but she is “good people” as they use to say. And, she is a terrific writer/author. I know because I reviewed her book “Phacebook Drama”, which is selling on

I am happy to promote my author friend and I give her a thumbs up for what she is doing. Some snakes in the grass have tried to bring her down, but she is a go-getter, unique, courageous and strong. You can’t knock down a warrior in her tracks when she has the spirit to fly and that’s what she is doing. She is an inspiration.

Now I am doing all this talking and I haven’t told you who she is. Her name is Author Dragica Lord. Check out her website, where she talks about her latest book and other things. Her website is impressive, just like her writings. You can meet her here @ Author Dragica Lord

So here I am giving a big shout out to my friend Author Dragica Lord.


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