Hello Snowy Day

snow day 1
Okay, so it doesn’t look all that bad in this photo, but since the time I took this photo until now….things have changed outside my door.

It came as a surprise to me too, guess that happened because I did not watch the evening news last night. But, I knew something was up when I woke up this morning and looked out the front door and noticed the street had been salted down; and the city schools all closed before anything happened. I guess everything was getting in preparation mode.

We got enough snow that it had to be shoveled, but thanks to our wonderful neighbor, they blew it away from the walkway with their blower. I don’t think it is over yet, but we will see.
At the moment, I am thinking and dreaming of the summer months because that’s my favorite time of the year; warm weather, sunshine, flip flops and morning coffee on my front porch. Yeah, I am a porch-ish, rocking chair kind of person. Now doesn’t that sound like a little bit of Heaven when it is cold outside?


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