What Am I Working On?

ImageThe weekend is here and since I am getting my wifey chores all out of the way today, I will pick up where I left off on the “Broken Voices” sequel on Saturday, or I may work on it tonight. For all of you who don’t know anything about “Broken Voices,” this is my best seller on Amazon.com. I have received a lot of raves on this book and everyone telling me that they would like a comeback of Ella Rose, (the main character.) Well, she is coming back to life in book 2 and me the author is making it all happen right here and right now. Four chapters have been created so far.

By the way, I am a children/s and Y/A writer/author. I like to intertwine those last two words because I write first and then I become the author after the book is published and  my name is on the cover. I have ten books out there on Amazon and Barnes and Noble that carry my name on them. Great books for everyone, I say that because parents do love reading to their children. They still do that you know. So regardless of your age, the stories I tell will make you smile and keep you young at heart if you happen to be an oldster. LOL

Are you reading this and wondering what kind of book is “Broken Voices”? Well, it deals with a handicapped teenager and she tries to hide her affliction in the first book. The second book, she is two years older and she wants to be as normal as possible as she faces situations such as dating, the prom,  speaking, dancing and her first kiss. However, a jealous antagonist keeps things in chaos and jumps up the suspense of what’s going to happen next as she tries to unravel secrets and friendships.

Now tell me, does it sound good to you? Should I continue working on it? Well, regardless of how you respond, my response is that I am and I will continue working on this piece because I never start something that I don’t finish. Besides, Ella Rose does not like being left hanging in the clouds. She wants me to tell her story from beginning to end and that’s just what I am going to do. 


5 thoughts on “What Am I Working On?

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    • I am so happy that Ella Rose is coming back to New Line Press. Thank you very much for wanting the sequel, New Line Press. You will give my Character wings to fly after she is completely written.


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