Best Seller Author: Winona Rasheed


Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted on this blog site; as a matter of fact it has been at least two years. See, I had so many things to keep up with, I forget what I have. And to think just moments ago, I was searching the net to see if I can create another website for myself. When is enough, enough or can it ever be enough? I don’t think so, not when you are a budding or emerging  author. Hey, haven’t I already emerged, after all I have 10 published books now? Maybe I just want readers to remember my name and with this posting, remember my face. Let me ask you…do I look like an author? Giggle giggle.

Did you know that out of all ten books that I have, my number one seller is “Broken Voices?” That’s pretty darn impressive. This is the book that is written for teens and young adults and it deals with being a handicapped teenager. You can imagine that scenario, can’t you? I am not understanding why my other books are not getting this much attention because I promote all of my babies. But hey, that’s okay. I am not about to give up on them because they aren’t making the top 25 list. Their day will come, but for right now, it’s Ella Rose who is in the spotlight, which is why I am working on a sequel. Ella Rose is no longer a Freshman in high school, so now she is facing other challenges as she gets older to go along with her handicapped situation. So as a teenager, it does get to be a little more complicated and frustrating. The writing is going well because I have 4 chapters written so far. I believe this is going to be my longest book as far as pages are concerned, after all, Ella Rose has a lot more to experience and a lot more to say and so does the antagonist and the other characters who are coming forth. Yes, I believe this is going to become a “good read” when it is finished. So, are you excited yet? Can’t wait to get your hands on it? I should be working on it right now, however, my day has been filled with blogging. Yes, I’ve been on my other blog chit chatting away.  Well, all I can say is….I am getting my writing on today. It is always good to write. They say a true writer will find time to write everyday. I try to do that, even though when I do…a lot of other things get neglected, because when I get started…writing just consumes me and leaves room for nothing else.

Welp, it’s that time again, time to get up from my desk and go do something, like fix dinner. Dag, why do we have to eat and why do I have to cook?


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